• Did You Know?

    Nicaragua is the largest country in Central America.
    Lakes and mountains, volcanos, tropical jungle, desert.
    Tropical islands in the Caribbean.
    A booming economy with an affordable cost of living.
    And sunshine, lots of sunshine.
  • The Perfect Climate

    An average of 300 sunshine days every year.
    9 hours of solar power production every day.
    Nicaragua has the perfect climate for solar power in your home!

  • Off Grid Solar In Your Home

    You will never have to pay an electricity bill.
    Save thousands of dollars!
    You can recover your investment in about 3 years.

  • Solar Charged Electric Vehicle

    Never need to fill up with gasoline or diesel fuel
    No worries about emissions - and no need for testing.
    Never need to plug into electricity.
    Solar panel charges batteries while you are driving.
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For many years, Costa Rica was the first name that came to mind when Americans thought of a close-to-home country to retire to. And certainly, it has its appeals. The proximity to the United States, as well as the incredibly low cost of living being two of those. However, there is a new country that is taking up space in the conversations of Boomers looking to improve their quality of life by retiring abroad. That country is Nicaragua.

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